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Dear friends, imagine it is 2009

and you have just witnessed an event that can change your life…

You get the information that the bitcoin was just created – a cryptocurrency you are reading about can bring you millions of dollars in a few years . But you don’t pay any attention to this message, how many times have you heard or read something like this?

So you delete this message and let it go. Later in 2010, you will get the message that somebody bought for 10,000.00 bitcoins 2 pizzas. Over the next few days, there will be information that someone offers 10,000.00 bitcoins for sale at US $ 50. You just laugh at it and tap your forehead, which fool would take some stupid computer currency and let pay for the products and services. And who would spend $ 50.0 for such nonsense? How are these people stupid and implausible?

It’s 2017, and you happen to get online on the internet, which publishes the current Bitcoin price for which you can buy it and remind yourself of two pizza and 10,000.00 bitcoins for them, and you’re not sure how much you’d get the dollars today , If you had (the ten thousand bitcoins in your account). It’s an amount over $ 50,000,000.00! And you only want one time machine to get back to 2010 to fix your mistake and get the bitcoins for at least a few hundred dollars, because if you did that, today you would be millionaires and your life would be totally different, better …

You are already experiencing deja vu. Information is coming to you that a new virtual currency has been created by the bank under the name DiBaCoin. Today you are at the crossroads and it is only up to you to go where you are going. Will you take this opportunity to change your life this time or waving your hand again with the words that it’s silly and letting this chance slip between your fingers again? Within a few years you may be rich. Very rich! Or in 5 years you may wish to have a time machine again so you can go back to the present day and try to change your mind …

For.Direct SRL

is a finance company based in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

We are closely integrated with the banking system Direct Bank LTD, which has international license and headquartered in the Republic of Fomboni Moheli (Moheli) in the Union of the Comoros.

The integration of these two institutions, from For.Direct includes promotional and marketing activities and from the partner bank, billing and financial.

Access, opening an account and also start marketing cooperation, it is possible only through the person recommending, which already is a registered customer of the bank affiliate and partner For.Direct.

Maybe it looks difficult but it is very easy…it is bank where you can save money with profit 1,8% per month (Trust Fund), investing opportunity as was Bitcoin in 2010 (Dibacoin) and you can get commision if you tell about it to your friends.

DiBa Coin - Learn about the phenomenon of this digital currency

The DiBaCoin concept originated in 2013 and was prepared for life in 2015. The basic idea was to create a product that maximizes client profits. This means sticking to „minimum cost, maximum profit“! That’s why it’s a completely unique way of putting DiBaCoin into circulation with a very generous bonus and reward system.

When DiBaCoin was ready in mid-2015, his creators decided to make him a very demanding, practical fire test. Everything looked great on paper and in theory, but only the sharp operation had to either confirm or refute those calculations. Therefore, at the turn of June and July 2015, a sharp, practical test was launched, attended by 56 selected clients who fully devoted to the DiBaCoin concept.

This test lasted for a year and its results exceeded all expectations. Not only did previous theoretical calculations have been confirmed, but DiBaCoin was further improved to increase its profitable potential. Just for the sake – during the first year of the sharp test, DiBaCoin recorded a profit of 1,282.0% in wholesale turnover with an increase in value of 14,320.0%! Yes, this is not a mistake, these numbers are correct!

In July 2016, DiBaCoin was released to the general public generating high revenue for its owners in three ways:

Quick earnings – thanks to „Banking in the Bank“ and bonuses, it can generate a profit of around $100 000 in a period shorter than half a year.Medium-term profit – in the period of 2 to 5 years, it is able to generate profits in the range of several to one thousand percent of the investment invested.

Medium-term profit – in the period of 2 to 5 years, it is able to generate profits in the range of several to one thousand percent of the investment invested.

Long-Term Profit – in the period of 5 to 15 years for each $100 without Marketing DiBaCoin can generate $25 000 but also multiples of this amount using Marketing where the important element here is the fact that this profit is not available only after several years but is paid to the client continuously throughout this time!

The advantage is that these 3 ways work independently of each other, but they can be linked only once to your investment of $100. This investment can generate profits in all three ways.

This enables a unique combination of DiBaCoin marketing methods, as well as ensuring that its value and bank guarantee are repaid from clients when such a need arises. This means that the client has GUARANTEE that if he needs his DiBaCoin immediately to monetize he can do it immediately because DiBaCoin buys the bank for the current redemption price.

25 % 2,5 % 4 % 6 % 12, 5%

Our mission

The greatest wealth the human is its dreams and efforts to achieve happiness in life for himself and their loved ones. In the Direct Bank Ltd, we believe that every person is hidden unimaginable amounts of energy and ideas to achieve this. And some of these ideas are able to change the world for the better. Not always are the circumstances conducive to their implementation.

So we had given a task to ourselves in the Direct Bank LTD – with help the largest possible number of our clients surmount adversity and obstacles of various kind and allow them to fully develop their creativity and give vent the enormous energy and power which every man has in himself. The goal of Direct Bank Ltd, its partners and colleagues is to encourage every effort of our clients to a better, friendlier and more beautiful world around us. We are aware that only such a world it makes sense to create for us and future generations.

That is the reason of Direct bank Ltd was founded – a bank that is different. It is the first bank, which is REALLY YOUR BANK.

- Because each client Direct Bank Ltd is also the co-owner.
- Because we are the first bank, which decided to fully support business activities of its clients in direct sales, multilevel marketing, network marketing, marketing, reference, etc. …
- Because we are the first bank, which decided to provide its clients with all the possibilities to create a financial background and its growth. And it offers also means and methods that were previously only available to financial institutions, not their clients. This allows us to offer clients and partners the superior financial products with which you will encounter elsewhere hardly, if at all.

Believe yourself at least as we in the Direct Bank Ltd believe in you. The world is changing, so we take care of it, that it will change according to our wishes. Direct Bank LTD – we are here to let money work REALLY FOR YOU!

Currency exchange

Everyone has the opportunity to trade and create profits on DBC retail units in the currency exchange office. DBC Earning program gives you the opportunity to buy DBC at an attractive price, and the opportunity to issue your own offer with a profit (suggested + 3%). The most attractive offers will be repurchased by Currency exchange. More information HERE

Currency exchange


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